IH Cub Cadet
1974 International Cub Cadet 169
S/N 512776
13-fin K341
Original Dealership: Freund International, Huntley, IL

Tom Hoffman was kind enough to send me the ad for this tractor from one of the local papers. The seller was not too far from my house - he was selling it as he just bought a new Deere ZTR. Sucker ;-)

It had its share of problems - there were no engine mounting bolts, so everytime the PTO was engaged the engine would swing to the side, causing a LOT of driveshaft misalignment - it pretty much chewed up the cast coupler on the hydro input shaft.

The hydro was very jerky as well. After a couple of trips up to Dan Hoefler's house, we made the usual damper spring repair and tightned up a lot of the slop in the linkage. This fixed most of the problems, but it still acted funny.

Finally, someone on the forum posted something about the rearend-to-frame bolts. Sure enough, three were loose and one was missing. Bingo!

It still needs some engine tuning and it has a nasty habit of quitting under full throttle and high load (if I back off the hydro lever I can get it to keep running), there's some debate as to the cause of this. But it still ran well enough to participate all day at Plow Day v2.0.

More to come...

Here's a gallery of pictures of the 169...